I am Stefano (24), I’m the firstborn in my family. 

When I was born, my parents had already believed in the Lord for a few years, and they named me Stefano because of their faith. I grew up hearing about Jesus, I knew all about his sacrifice for all of us, I have attended camps in Isola since I was very young.  One day, when I was 13, I accepted Jesus as my Savior, but now I know that at that time I hadn’t accepted Him as my Lord.  During my adolescence, I decided to take control over my own life, I decided I wanted to behave just like all my friends around me, to know the world, having fun just like the others, not worrying about the future. It was at that moment that I started to do many things that now I am ashamed of. I got involved in some illegal things, and a couple of timesI was close to death. At that point the relationship with my parents, especially with my father, was not good, we didn’t talk to each other. 

Now I see that God has been faithful, that He heard and took my prayer seriously that night at the camp. During my rebellion he was in control, he was waiting patiently, and one day He moved to call me back. It was in September 2009 that my father decided to talk to me, ask me what I thought about Isola, and asked me if I wanted to go there for a short time. As I said at the beginning, I had been to many camps as a kid, and those camps had left me with many good memories; in my heart there was still that memory of the atmosphere of joy and fun. This is why I said yes to that proposal, cause I was very curious to see Isola again. In December 2009, I arrived at the camp, and immediately I feltloved, even if I wasn’t a good Christian, and even if there were many bad things in my life. It was there that I met the Hunziker Family, (Directors of the camp) which now is my second family. After a month, during a youth camp, I felt that something in my life was wrong, I felt that God was calling me back, so I decided to ask to Joe if I could stay there, cause I wanted to change my life, but I knew that I would have no chance if I were to go back to my city. God has changed my life through that Camp and the people there. I lived in Isola for almost 5 years, developing a passion for camps, because it’s a place where you can see God changing lives. Another thing that I have developed is a passion for creative arts, and now I have been working for almost 3 years as a graphic designer.

At the moment I’m living in Bologna, attending NUOVA VITA CHURCH, and I’m doing an internship program with them. I thank God for this opportunity to be trained, and to grow in a local church, having this great opportunity to see God’s hand in people’s lives around me, in a city which we know He’s working. A year ago I also met a girl and we’re planning to get married in next June. She works with teens and refugees, trying to help them practically, butalso giving them the hope of the message of the gospel. We believe that for the moment God is calling us here in Bologna serving through media services, caring for teens and refugees and part-taking in the local Church.

If you’re reading this bio I would like to ask you,  to stop and praise God because He’s faithful. And my story as thousands and thousands of others tells again about His Glory.
I would also ask you to pray to Him and ask how you and I can serve Him to make the name of Jesus famous, because this is the reason why we’ve been called. Please pray for me, and us here in Bologna that we can be sensitive to God and His voice, serving Him not with our abilities, but with the strength of his power. We don’t know what God is preparing for us, the only thing that we know is that He has a plan, and He hasthe control, and he will be faithful to his promises.