Hi. My name is Salvatore and I am 28 years old. I was born and raised in Sardegna. I managed a coffee bar for many years and also work as a professional soccer referee. I came to faith 10 years ago in April, and have had many opportunities to serve in my local church, and even help other churches in reaching out to youth. Despite the many opportunities, I saw a great need for training, biblically and theologically, but also in many personal aspects of my character and calling. For this reason I moved to Bologna in the spring of 2016 to be part of the internship. I sense God’s call on my life to full-time ministry and believe God wants me to grow and learn 

Areas of Ministry Involvement

High School ministry - For years I have been burdened for high school students, and have had various opportunity to serve with Athletes in Action. This year I was invited to preach at the national gather of Athletes in Action, and I am presently developing Nuova Vita’s youth ministry. 

Teaching/Preaching - I am on the rotation for teaching on Tuesday evening prayer meetings, devotionals for the inter group, and with adolescents. I really want to grow in this area, and am passionate about the study of God’s Word.

Vite Trasformate - I serve as one of the drivers during the outreaching of Vite Trasfomate, and am burdened to pray for my sisters who go out to witness and serve these women.

Practical Service - There are many practical ways in which Nuova Vita needs help: Sunday welcome and set up crew, building maintenance, organization of outreaches for refugees and ministry to the homeless.

Prayer requests:

  • Consecration to the Lord and growth in my relationship with Him.
  • Wisdom and clarity as I pray about full-time ministry
  • Faithfulness in the ministries in which I am currently serving
  • Unity with the team of interns
  • For my desire to learn English

Contact info: