I grew up in Wisconsin in a family of 3 boys and 3 girls where my childhood consisted of school, sports, family, and faith. I studied Sociology at the University of Wisconsin while playing on the basketball team and in 2009, my junior year of college, I attended a Christian sports camp and was saved. A year later I took the chance to play profession basketball in Salerno, Italy. I lived and played in Salerno for 3 years where I served in a small evangelical church plant. In that period of my life God was teaching me the importance and value of being part of the local church and I found my desire to know Him on a deeper level starting to grow. In 2012 God opened the door for me to play in the city of Bologna where I started to attend Nuova Vita Church. I immediately felt peace that God lead me here to build into the youth and learn from the leadership. Last year I started to study theology in the internship program and grew tremendously in my knowledge and understanding of the gospel.

Practical Ministry Involvement

Internship: This is my second year in the internship program at Nuova Vita. We will be studying 5 different courses throughout the year 2 days a week. Along with courses I meet once a week with a mentor, a woman of the church to deepen my relationship with Christ.

Youth group: Along with the internship I also am involved in our high school ministry. 3 others along with myself are working together to try and create a fun, safe, and biblical sound environment for these teens to grow in faith. I have a heart for this ministry and long to see many teens come to know Christ. Along with youth group I am involved in one and one discipleship with a teenage girl from our church. God has used this relationship to really push me to love him and others more and is showing me the importance of shepherding someone's heart to him.


I work as a professional basketball player in the city and have a huge heart for all the women and families involved in the team. I have a passion for sport and I am grateful that God allows me to play and live in a context where I can honor and glorify him by using basketball as a vehicle for the gospel.


  • That I would grow in the love knowledge and fear of the Lord that he would make less of me and more of him.
  • That God would work in the lives of the people I am involved with: youth ministry, discipleship, basketball teammates.
  • That God would provide prayerfully and financially as I seek to serve.