Hello my name is Marco Martella, I’m 34. 

About 5 years ago I was at the highest point of my career but the lowest of my spiritual life. But Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, showed up in my life and opened my eyes to my sin and His great forgiveness. Through the words of Matthew 6:24 - 33 the Lord called me to leave everything to follow him. It was humbling, yet God has given me the faith to believe in Him and His promises. So I trusted and I left everything and I completely trusted those words in Matthew and prayed, saying, "LORD do with me what you please." And from that moment I started to live by faith alone. It has not been all easy going. I have had very difficult moments where I found myself to have in my refrigerator one onion and a packet of pasta :)
But in all this I never felt sad. Indeed the Lord in those moments taught me to rejoice with little because the reason for my joy was not in the circumstances but beholding his glory !! So every month over the last five years the Lord has always provided for me in so many ways but I never missed any of what I need to live.  

Over the last two years I realized that the Lord was calling me to serve in the ministry full-time and it was a big challenge for me because I'm a new believer in the evangelical Italian cultural context where until today a new believer does not have many opportunities to find support, but again I trusted God who has put beside me faithful men like Mark Brucato and Gianluca Derudas (New Life church pastors) who encouraged me a lot and helped me take steps of growth and training. 

The last 2 years the Lord put on the heart of various brothers and sisters support me financially. And so at the beginning of August I knelt I prayed the Lord to provide for me because I had finished all my resources to pay my expenses. So I was on vacation in southern Italy with my family and I started my holidays with an accident while driving my sister's car. Thank God no one was hurt, but I was very discouraged because it destroyed my sister's car. Even though the insurance will pay us to fix it, I was very down. But just at this time that the Lord began to show me his glory many doors opening me to preach the gospel to so many old friends including Nico (high school friend) who is desperate to know God. Nico does a job as director of Hotel so he asked me to work with him to help him, but mainly because he wanted me to speak of Jesus, not only to him but also to all the people I met in the hotel for two weeks. I worked and I shared with them the gospel. 

Meanwhile I received a call from Mark who told me the desire that God has put on your hearts to support me financially, and I want you to know that you are an instrument that God chose to confirm my call to full-time ministry, and am so thankful that God has chosen you for this, having heard so much about your passion for the gospel and for our Lord Jesus! As my vacation progressed I had the opportunity to preach in 2 evangelical churches encouraging believers and especially getting many encouragements from the churches and seeing the Holy Spirit at work. I could share the gospel with my older brother Matthew who is not yet a believer.
So in the next few months I will be busy with the ministry of Reflection that has the vision to encourage missions in Italian churches, and for the nation's spiritual awakening. In this ministry I carry out a service as an itinerant preacher in various churches who work and I deal with the organization of the annual conference, this year held in Milan. The desire of this ministry is to create a network between church, missions, and missionaries with the purpose of sharing resources, support each other in prayer, help each other in developing projects with the purpose of reflecting the glory of God in the nation and to the nations (to know more, please visit In the meantime I will continue my training course to Nuova Vita Church in order to prepare myself to start new churches and serve the church doing evangelistic activities with adolescents, conducting Bible studies at my home and organizing events to reach the city of Bologna. And I will continue to disciple the people God has brought in my path, like David a dear friend of my old life that a year ago gave his life to the Lord through my testimony.