Hi, I am Ilaria and I am 25 years old. I was born in a Christian family in the beautiful, yet isolated island of Sardinia in Italy. The Lord saved me when I was very little, and put in my heart the desire to know Him more and to serve Him since my teenage years. Due to the limited resources and possibilities in my home church in Sardinia, I had not many opportunities to grow in my faith and I often felt discouraged to be the only believing youth in my community. 

But again the Lord was gracious to me! In 2010 I went to study Archaeology and Art at the University of Nottingham in England, where I immediately settled into a very good gospel-centered church and I got highly involved in the University Christian Union (which numbered 300 believers!).   

On 12.22.12 I married Emanuele and we started a life together in the UK. After many different short and medium term mission experiences all over Asia, in September 2016 we ended up joining the internship program at Nuova Vita Church.

We are really thankful for this program, as finally young Italians like us have an opportunity to get high-quality, gospel-centered and holistic ministry training that would equip them for the Lord’s work in Italy and beyond. 


Practical Ministry Involvement

Internship: we take theology classes three days a week – they range from Biblical to Systematic Theology, from Church History to Character formation, from Pastoral care to Scripture. 

Translations – this is the activity that takes up most of my ministry time. I am involved in translating Christian literature from English into Italian and at the moment I am working on a big project in partnership with Desiring God. The lack or the limited availability of good, theologically sound Christian literature has always been a problem for the Italian church. The translation ministry is still underdeveloped in our country, but its potential is truly huge. 

Nuova Vita Global is a new born ministry at Nuova Vita church. It is basically the mission department of our church. We are a team of 5 who meet regularly to gather information about churches, missionaries and believers around the world and to share them with the wider congregation, with the purpose of prayerful and financial support. We also keep in touch with missionaries and partner churches worldwide and share our news with them. In fact, we strongly believe that cooperation among believers for the purpose of the Kingdom’s expansion is at the heart of Christian life as well as church life. Please pray for meaningful and healthy partnerships with churches around the globe and that we may work well together to make Jesus known not only in this nation, but to the ends of the Earth. 


  • Pray for my walk with the Lord, that I can learn more about Him and His love and grace every day and that I can be a faithful servant.
  • Pray for our marriage – Emanuele and I are facing a very painful time following the tragic death of his 21y old brother. Pray for protection, for wisdom, for unity and for learning to love each other more and more in a way that pleases the Lord.
  • Pray for a wise work/rest balance
  • Pray for God’s provision for our family
  • Pray for Italy – pray that the Lord might open the eyes of many, pray that he might change the hearts of nominal believers. Pray that Italians will leave meaningless religion and start serving the One True Savior of the World.