Hi, I’m Eunice. I was born in Sicily, daughter of full time servants of God. I grew up attending many Bible camps and outreach events where Christ called me at a very young age. I studied and worked as an architect but I’ve always felt that the Lord was calling me for something different, out of the job I enjoyed and into something greater.
     Last year I came in Bologna where I started to attend Nuova Vita Church and then I took the decision to leave definitely my city, my family, my church as well as the possibility to work as a freelance, in order to take up a path of theological training and preparation
for ministry with Nuova Vita Church.
     Now I’m serving in the local church, preparing and prayerfully waiting on the Lord and with a desire to be involved in church planting. I love cooking, reading, swimming and traveling. I am willing and ready to follow Jesus wherever he wants.


Internship -  This is my second year in the Internship Program of Nuova Vita Church. We have classes three times a week to study history and theology. Basically we meet together every Monday and Wednesday mornings and Tuesday evenings.
Nuova Vita Youth Group - with three other interns, I’m involved in discipling and training teenagers here in Bologna. During the past year, I have seen the growth of the girl I discipled and prayed for. I learned how God can change the heart and the life of young people and how they can experience the beauty of an intimate relationship with our great God. The goal for the coming months is to organize gatherings for teenage believers, their unbelieving friends and other youth that we met at the summer events that were organized by NV. Our heart is for Bologna and our hope is to bring the Gospel to as many young people and teens as possible.
Multivitamine - the Sunday morning kids’ class. I teach 3 to 5 years old. During the
lessons we tell stories of the Bible's great people to show God’s character and His
great love for them. However, sometimes it’s hard to explain in few minutes God’s plan through these stories, but this is a challenge for me and I am learning a lot from these children because of their joy and pure love for God.

Prayer Requests

  • More of Him and less of me every day.
  • That God may change my life and my heart according to His will.
  • More wisdom for the various tasks He has entrusted me with and for the ones He will lay on my path. 
  • More knowledge of God and his Word that can lead me to love both Jesus and others more.
  • That the Lord may help me to understand where to focus my strength and energy in the coming months.