Hi my name is Emanuele. I’m 29 years old and I come from Milan.

I feel blessed when I say that I was one of the 0.9% of Italians to be born in an Evangelical Christian family. I’m the second born of four children and my family was the biggest in a church that counted no more than fifty people. So I grew up alone at the church because the closest Christian friend I had of my similar age was living 40 miles away from me, and this happens in many places in Italy. I have been working in the food business for more than 10 years and studied hospitality, being able to understand the dynamics of foods and drinks production and consumption, marketing and sales.

At the age of 24 I met my wife Ilaria in the beautiful (but without gospel centered churches) Island of Sardinia. The year after I decided to move to England as Ilaria was studying Archaeology at Nottingham University and we wanted to get married.  During this period of life the Lord created many opportunities for us to grow in our faith and to serve the local church in the UK. We clutched the opportunity to learn from a good teaching we couldn’t get in Italy, and also the Lord opened our hearts for mission. We served with OM (Organization Mobilization) in Taiwan, Nepal and Rome as short-termers. After Nottingham we moved to London, the capital city, meanwhile Ilaria was studying her Master Degree at UCL (University College London) I was working as Head Barista in a cool Hipster coffee shop in the city. The coffee shop was managed and founded by Christians with a vision of reaching the local community, share the gospel to them and worship the Lord after the business hours. To be honest I always felt as a missionary in that place rather than a “worker”. We left the beautiful atmosphere in London to serve the Lord for several months in South-East Asia. During that time we felt God’s call to Italy (our country) and we sought friends and leaders wisdom to understand if it was the right choice.

We got in contact with Gianluca, pastor of Nuova Vita Evangelical Church in Bologna and we got to know that they were just starting their first internship thanks to the involvement of teachers and pastors of different churches in the region. Ilaria and I realized that nothing like this had never happened before in Italy! And that that was the right time and place for us to get the training we needed, to study and serve the Lord practically.



  • I’m leading with other interns the Sunday School for the teenagers of the church and we are now teaching from the Gospel of Matthew.
  • I help my wife to translate books and biblical material from English to Italian. We are now translating into Italian John Piper’sDesiring God devotional: Solid Joys.
  • I am part of the new mission department of the church (Nuova Vita Global), thanks to the past experiences abroad and the contacts we have developed especially in South-East Asia, I offered my help to serve the church in this new ministry.
  • I study internship classes every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The course is very intense and subjects are many.
  • I attend with my wife a course every Monday evening called: “Basi”. It’s a course that introduces the Gospel to the new-comers. My wife and I find community development natural, and our pastors suggested that we were the right people to take this course to learn, study and one day maybe lead a similar program.

MY BIG DREAM:  As Ican use and teach how different coffee machines and equipments in a coffee shop work, in order to move forward with my dream, from January I’m planning to learn how to roast coffee and use equipments employed in a roastery. My big dreams are to support church planting, to help Christian coffee farmers in underdeveloped areas of the world (Ethiopia, Indonesia etc. . .) so they can no longer live under exploitation, to support the persecuted churches, to provide working skills to those who struggle to be integrated in the society, ALL through the coffee business - From bean to cup.



  • Full time church workers are not common in Italy so the job to do all goes to few. Time to rest is not much. Pray that we can find spare time to rest and enjoy our married life and don’t get too exhausted.
  • Financial support mainly comes from abroad, please pray that Italians may develop a heart for giving to church workers and to the Lord’s work in general. Please pray for our family’s support too.
  • This is one of the hardest time for me and my family, as my little brother Fabio, 21 years old, took his own life less than two months ago. He was suffering from mental illness and very often he couldn’t distinguish what was real and what wasn’t. Please pray for us, as we are still shocked by this, pray that the Lord can heal our broken hearts and minds from bad thoughts and sadness.
  • Pray for wisdom during this study course, that God can reveal to me how best I can use my skills and talents to serve Him in the best way as possible.