Hello, my name is Andre' Lima. I'm a Italian citizen who was born in Brazil and I'm pleased to tell you a little bit of my history: 
I belong to a third generation family of baptists... I was baptized with conviction when I was 14 and since then, I've seen God's faithfulness in leading my life in an unexpected path that is bringing me everyday in growth and maturity in the knowledge of God's.
After High School, I felt a strong calling from God to full-time ministry and started a missionary formation program where I had the opportunity to serve in different areas of Brazil. During the years of 1998-2002 I developed a social project based on discipleship of kids and teenagers in one of the biggest slums in Brazil at Belo Horizonte. From 2003-2005 I served as a Youth pastor in San Paolo. I was invited in 2007 by my former missionary agency to found a project in Perugia (Italy) but plans have changed and I've been living since then in Bologna as a member of Nuova Vita Church. I've been studying theology 2 years now at the Reformed Theological School in Brazil (on line course) and I started this very month the internship program at Nuova Vita church.


I'm have the privilege of dedicating myself in four different ministry in my church in Bologna:

Sunday bible school for teenagers: I'm part of an awesome group of six other teachers who have been guiding our teenagers on knowing the Word of God and growing in His ways. It's been exciting seeing how they are answering to it developing more and a relationship with the Father! We are teaching through the Gospel of Matthew.

Vite trasformate: Twice a month we dedicate the Friday nights to pray for the women who are under the yoke of human traffic. While we pray at the church or make company to our female staffs on the streets of Bologna we are rejoicing seeing how God works miraculously rescuing lives from prostitution.

Bible study small group and fellowship: Once a week we reinforce what we have learned during our Sundays meeting at the church through a very special meeting at home. Me and another missionary lead a small group weekly in my home, to worship God and study the bible together.

Internship: I'm making part of the internship program at Nuova Vita church with the ambition of growing more and more on the theological formation to serve God with excellency.


  • That I will be able to find supporters to serve God full time once again in Italy assisting as a church plant pastor.
  • I intend to get married next year, so I ask your prayers that me and my family will be able to serve the Lord as faithful workers and true worshipers.
  • That God will give me always the strength, wisdom and holiness to never loose hope but serve Him faithfully in this country.