Training church planters

"Applicazione" means "apply yourself" or "devote yourself", and is the name of our ministry residency program here in Bologna. "Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who ha does not need to be ashamed, rightly handing the word of truth" (2 Timothy 2:15). Through this biblical and theological training program we pray God will raise up the next generation of evangelical leaders and church planters. There are five courses offered over a span of 18 months: Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology, Scripture, Church History, Pastoral Theology. But probably the most important part of this program is the emphasis on character development and practical involvement in ministries in a local church. Each student has a pastoral supervisor, and has opportunity to receive feedback and experience in various aspects of ministry, as well as being challenged in his/her personal life and walk with the Lord. At present we have 8 full-time students, and we are thrilled at what we see the Lord doing in their lives. I am one of the teachers in this program and am responsible for the courses in Pastoral Theology and Scripture. At the moment I am teaching an exegesis course on the Gospel of Matthew. I'm so thrilled about this opportunity!

Please pay for the students in this program, for their growth in godliness and their faithfulness in teaching the Word.

Teaching biblical and theological principles for life and ministry

"Percorsi" is a curriculum that we share as churches in Bologna to provide encouragement and teaching for believers. Each Saturday we gather to study God's Word and discuss issues in evangelism, discipleship, missions, and living faithfully in our relationships (family, church, work). This is the fourth year where we have offered this teaching, and we have seen the impact in helping believers gain a missional view of their lives, and step out in faith towards their neighbors and colleagues.

Please pray for the growth and passion of believers in Bologna, that all our city may hear the Word proclaimed and see it lived our faithfully in our lives.

Developing a Study Center in Bologna

This is more of a dream than anything, but I'm hopeful. As we see the abundance of resources in Bologna our hope is to serve the church, both locally and nationally, by opening a evangelical Study Center. Bologna is a major university town, and we believe having a resources like this, which would include a theological library, would be a blessing for the advance of the gospel - both training christians and providing a center for outreach to students and professors.

Please pray for God's leading in the development of this unique initiative.