Ministry in Italy often involves answering questions like: “Hasn’t the church changed the Bible?” … “How can we actually know who Jesus was if we can’t trust the Gospel accounts?” … “Aren’t there other sources from the early church that tell us who Jesus really was?”

Now not every conversation includes those kind of questions, but we do find that in popular culture there is an endemic doubt regarding the Bible, and what role the traditions of the church (mainly the Catholic Church) have played in scriptural revelation. So one of our main responses, and probably the most effective tool for ministry, is simply to get people to read the Bible for themselves! It is an approach with follows our conviction that the Bible is God’s inspired word and authoritative for our lives.

This year we have a unique opportunity to strengthen the convictions of believers with regards to the reliability of the Bible, and at the same time invite our friends, neighbors, colleagues, to examine the authenticity of the canonical gospels by comparison to the other writings found in the first centuries of the church (eg. the gnostic texts).

Dr. Nicholas Perrin (Wheaton College ) will be joining us here in Bologna, to hold a weekend conference – April 15th-17th – on the Gnostic gospels and their presentation of Jesus’ identity. He will be lecturing along with Dr. Pietro Ciavarella from Florence.

We are honored to be presenting a second conference of this tenure, following the lectures last year on the Sefer Torah with Dr. Daniel Block and Dr. Mauro Perani. Also this year we have the sponsorship of the city of Bologna.

Please be in prayer for this unique opportunity to impact our city through faithful witness to the teaching of Scripture. 

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