It was such an honor and blessing to have with us NFL player Chris Maragos and his lovely wife Sarah.  Chris shared from Scripture for our Monday morning internship class, encouraging us to use every opportunity and gift in our life for the glory of God. He was transparent with the challenges he faces in his unique role as a NFL player, but also how he views his profession as an athlete as a missional calling. Both Chris and Sarah are deeply committed to their local church, and it was a blessing to see yet another connection in the Acts29 network of churches to which we belong. It was also beautifully providential that after Chris and Sarah shared, one of our interns, Salvatore Mundula, had prepared a devotional on Hebrews 12:1-3. Salvatore is also involved with Athletes in Action, and reaching out in the area of sports ministry here in Bologna. This is pioneer work here in Italy!

Thank you Chris and Sarah for taking time out of a holiday trip to invest in ministry here in Italy and at Nuova Vita church. Yet another great example for our ministry interns!