I am honored to be part of the planning committee for Congresso Missione 2016 – a national mission’s congress. My specific role as international director is to include southern European nations (namely the Balkans and Spain) and connect personnel and financial resources for the congress. I am also leading a seminar entitled, “a passion for the church.” This seminar will include presentations from Al Barth (http://www.redeemercitytocity.com/al-barth/) and pastor Andrea Giorgi (http://www.chiesalogos.com/). I am honored to be serving along side these godly men.

When you hear the word “mission” what do you think of? What ideas, pictures or thoughts come to your mind?

At the MISSIONE 2016 Congress, John Piper will help you reflect on the fact that the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ be proclaimed with clarity and determination, especially in these times of widespread disorientation.
God has a great passion for mission: a theological understanding of this truth will “compel” you to be an ambassador of the gospel wherever you are, from your doorstep to the ends of the world.”

There are very real difficulties for many pastors, leaders and key Christians to attend MISSIONE 2016. What a tremendous opportunity to be able to come and be enriched by powerful messages, warm fellowship and strategic contacts!
Will you prayerfully consider giving to sponsor someone to come? Below are several options for you to give.