After various years of research, planning and praying God has opened a unique door for the training of future leaders at Nuova Vita Church. Let me tell you about it.

At Nuova Vita Church we have been sensing God's calling as a congregation to encourage and equip Italian believers for ministry. Actually, this is not a recent discovery. Nuova Vita is almost 30 years old, and one of the defining characteristics (DNA) of our church has been enabling Italian believers to step out in faith and serve the Lord with their gifting and passion. More and more opportunities to invest in young leaders have characterised these years, and this has given us the joy of seeing believers equipped for missions and church planting, but also the growth of strategic ministries: Vite Trasformate, Reflection, music ministry, youth discipleship and evangelism, sports ministry.

As pastors a question remained in our mind and was often subject of our prayers: “How do we help a believer prepare for ministry in Italy?” With a high value on offering resources and within an Italian cultural and ecclesial context, we began seeking biblical and theological studies in Italian offered along with practical involvement in ministry.

In September of 2015 the Internship program at Nuova Vita was launched, and has been a great adventure. At present we have 10 full-time interns enrolled in an 18month course. The areas of study follow 5 different courses: Scripture, Pastoral Theology, Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology, and Church History. Courses are offered two days a weeks, then each intern is guided in various areas of ministry: teaching and preaching, Sunday school, outreach (youth or sport), church planting, media ministry, etc. 

In all the study and service there are three fundamental characteristics that undergird the program: character development, theological formation, and practical ministry experience. Each of these areas is shaped and defined by the gospel, and focused on growing in Christ-likeness. Our prayer is that these men and women will grow into faithful servants of Jesus Christ for the advance of the kingdom in our country. 

We believe that God is doing something special among these young men and women, and seeing them serve and grow gives us great joy and anticipation for the future. Our hope is that some will be prepared to lead a church plant, or pioneer an evangelistic sports ministry in our city, or even bring leadership in areas of worship and teaching. 

We would love for you to be involved is this strategic program?

Please consider “adopting and intern.”

You can learn about each of our students, their vision for ministry, and become a partner in prayer and support. Support for this program is key. Each of these interns has made this a priority commitment, and left jobs or chosen to work only part-time so as to dedicate their time to study and service. 

We are specifically seeking “study-scholarships” that will cover the basic costs of their resources (books, conferences, ministry expenses), and a living stipend. 
The program is intentionally divided into 6 periods of 3 months each. We have estimated that to support fully 1 intern for three months is a cost of $1500 (so a scholarship for the entire duration of the program $9000).

Please learn about each intern here, and prayerfully consider supporting this program.