Deep in the heart of the Apennine Mountains of Italy, through an ancient pilgrim trail that stretches 100 kilometers, freedom will be fought for with prayer and sweat. 

Youth For Christ Italy will be leading a 5-day spiritual journey through the mountains from Bologna to Florence. It will be an opportunity to hike through some of the most spectacular scenic views, learn about the ministry in Italy, raise funds for leadership training, and pray for the spiritual freedom of teens all across the country.  JOIN US! 

YFC's vision in Italy is to “offer every teenager in Italy the opportunity to find freedom in Christ, follow Him, be part of a local church, and serve others”.

Our mission is to open YFC ministry centers throughout Italy in partnership with local churches.
The strategic focus is to train godly youth leaders who will take charge in discipling teens through the ministry centers.

The funds we raise through the Hike 4 Freedom will be used for our internship program for the formation of new youth leaders.


  • COME : each participant will walk the 100km trail and contribute $2500.
  • GIVE : you can donate directly to the internship program.
  • PRAY : you can “follow” the hike through prayer.

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