Since before we were even married, my wife wanted to adopt! It took a bit longer for me, but slowly God put this joy and burden on my heart as well. For many years the word “adoption” to me seemed honorable, but remote. Something applicable to other families- families with more resources and certainly more courage. Ruthi had a different, and more personal understanding, having served one summer in an orphanage for disabled children in Haiti.

Over the course of the last 5 or 6 years my wife and I have been praying and reflecting together about the possibility of adoption, and what it would mean for our family and even for our life in ministry. In this process, as is the case with so many families who have adopted, it was the overwhelming realization of God’s redemptive love for us, His adoption of us through the grace of Jesus, that filled our hearts with wonder and passion. God came to seek us out and make us part of His family and His grace. That brings adoption right up close, a reality of our identity in Christ.

In the last few years we have sought counsel and researched what it would look like to adopt as missionaries living in Italy. In God’s grace we discovered unique opportunities as dual-citizens, including free healthcare and schooling, and an experienced US adoption agency (Wasatch International Adoptions)which was able to register our application and our home-study directly in Bologna. Beyond these great provisions, we have seen the excitement of our local church and our family, and their support and prayers. Our home church, College Church in Wheaton, has encouraged and taught on adoption for many years and we have learned a lot from various families there who have adopted.

So we want to share this joy and burden with you, and ask for your prayers. Doors continue to open for us, while other steps, like funding and paperwork (more forms to fill out!), still lie ahead. We have chosen to adopt from Ethiopia. Even here we see God’s hand at work through Ruth’s childhood in Burkina Faso, West Africa, and the cultural-historical connection between Ethiopia and Italy.

LifeSong is accompanying us through the key aspect of funding (details below). We cherish your prayers, your support, your consideration of assisting us in the funding, but mostly, your love for us as a family and your input in our lives. This too has demonstrated God’s immense love, as the heart of an adoptive Father who longs for others to be included into His grace and family.

If you would like to GIVE toward the adoption process, you can click here.