Praise God for a wonderful missions conference!

We had two fabulous speakers:

– Lindsay Brown, as main speaker. The theme he developed was, “Mission in the 21st century.” Lindsay shared from Scripture and his vast missions experience, and impassioned us to reach Italy and the nations for the glory of God. While speaking about mission in Scripture, one of Lindsay’s opening lines hit me powerfully: “the God of Israel is a missionary God; the Christ of the gospels is a missionary Christ; the Spirit of the Acts of the Apostles is a missionary Spirit. if you are not impassioned for the mission of God, than you probably have an incorrect understanding of who God is.”

– David Robertson was also a keynote speaker. David’s talks focused on equipping the Italian church for “persuasive evangelism” so as to bring the gospel into every area of public life. One of the aspects of David’s teaching, which made it so direct and incisive, was his understanding of Italian culture! Yes, David read, researched, and prayerfully considered the Italian context of life and ministry before speaking to us during this conference. His insights and passion for apologetics was a gift of God to us in our ministry. And there is much more to learn from David and his ministry, Solas. 

Another major highlight from the conference was the break-out session of Vite Trasformate. Ruthi and her team did a superb job presenting the ministry, and providing resources to equip Italian churches to reach out effectively and with gospel-centrality to this challenging area of ministry. I was so proud of Ruthi!

Of course, the food and fellowship (two things which are practically inseparable in italy!) were wonderful.

And we were left with a wonderful piece of exciting news …

For Missione 2016 we will be blessed to have (Lord willing) Pastor John Piper as our speaker! Already excited for this, and it is still 2 years away :)

(picture, me and Scott Anderson, director of Desiring God ministries. what a blessing Scott has been in my life!)